Meet The Staff: Caitie Bellotti

Caitie joined our Surf City staff this summer as a tech team intern. She worked closely with other members of the tech team and played a big part in filming and editing the camp highlight videos. Check out what she had to say about her experience on staff.

2017 Surf City Camp 1-web-001.jpg
Interning with the tech team at Surf City has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, allowing me to grow in my skill while working in a positive environment. I have been working in video since I was 12, and since then, I have been searching for different ways to better my skillset. Being able to work with PKF, an organization that has hosted many camps that have helped me meet Christ and grow in my own faith, was so incredible because I was able to help others meet God as well. To glorify God by doing what I love was so rewarding, and even inspiring others close to my age to serve Christ was even better.
- Caitie

We're always looking for passionate staff members. If that's you, consider applying for an internship at Surf City or Laurelville.