Meet the Tech Team!

For National Photography Day this year, we wanted to highlight some of the members of the Surf City tech team. As members of the tech team, they usually up super early and go to bed super late. They're the ones responsible for capturing all the best moments at camp. Whether it's that epic tubing wipeout or the band rocking out during club.

We asked some members of the tech team why they're excited to serve this summer. Here's what they said.


2017 Surf City Camp 1-001_web.jpg

Caitie Bellotti - Videographer

Capturing video of students at Surf City is such a blessing because you really get to see them at the peak and beginning of their faith! I'm so excited to be returning to Surf City this summer to see so many more people commit to Christ :)


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Issac Lang - Photographer

I can not wait to shoot for PKF this summer! For the first time as a part of the team, I feel privileged with the opportunity to combine my love of camp with my passion for photography. I am thrilled to use my God-given gifts in this way and reap the blessings of doing so.


Nicole Tobias - Projection & Social Media

When I first joined tech team, I was like, “What am I even doing here?” I didn’t have any video editing skills, wasn’t very crafty with a camera, and I truly thought I had nothing to offer. Then God unveiled a talent I did not know someone could be gifted in: slides. As a camper at PKF, I remember I would always sigh when the slides weren’t right for a song or skit. When you think of slides filled with lyrics and pictures, you don’t think it has a huge impact, but it really does. You could be showcasing someone’s favorite moment at beach day or displaying a bible verse the speaker is reading that changes someone’s life forever. While it may sound like a boring job, it is one of the most exciting jobs I have ever had, and I promise I am moving around with you all to the worship music as best as one can while doing slides. I am excited to come back and do one of the coolest jobs ever and also use my social media skills God has granted me!