When is the deadline to apply?

  • Deadlines to apply for staff or intern positions at camp will be posted online.

How old do I have to be to apply?

  • All applicants must be entering Junior year of high school or older by fall of 2020.

When can I apply?

  • Applications open for Surf City summer camp in December and Laurelville fall retreats in June.

Do I need to have any previous experience?

  • Prior experience is always useful and required for most staff positions. No previous experience is required if applying for an internship. PKF Camps will train all interns.

What does the application process look like?

  • All applicants (staff and interns) must fill out the application entirely. Applicants without prior work experience at PKF Camps must complete a 3-5 minute application video. After reviewing the completed application, we will decide if we would like to move forward with an interview. Those selected for an interview will be interviewed by our Camp Director and a Team Director.

When will you pick the team?

  • We will finalize the Surf City team by March 1. We will finalize the Laurelville team by August.

How many people will be on the team?

  • The team is typically between 22-25 people.

When does the position start/end?

  • Surf City positions start in May with an all staff meeting and planning meetings. We depart Pittsburgh and travel to Michigan mid-July and return early August.
  • Laurelville positions start in August with an all staff meeting and planning meetings. Camp in Mt. Pleasant, PA runs the first three weekends of November and the first weekend of December.

Can I get college credit for this internship?

  • We are happy to work with your college to complete any paperwork needed.

Where does the position take place?

  • The Pittsburgh Kids Foundation offices are located in Pittsburgh, PA. The team meets a few times during before camp at our offices (non local applicants can skype in). Surf City is held in Mears, Michigan, and Laurelville is held in Mt. Pleasant, PA.

Is This A Paid Position?

  • Staff positions are paid on an experienced-based pay scale. Internships (highschool students in their first year of work with PKF Camps) are unpaid.

Do I have to pay for anything while I’m at camp?

  • All base costs are provided for (housing, meals, training, transportation at camp). It’s a good idea to bring some spending money for weekends and any extra activities.

Is a staff member/intern like a camp counselor?

  • Nope! Each church/group brings their own leaders that hang out with their students for the week. We believe that these leaders know their students better than we could in a week, so our staff focuses on equipping and serving these leaders and running camp.

What types of jobs will I be doing?

  • Every staff position belongs to a team that describes that position’s primary area of work (admin, band, tech, etc). Interns will have the opportunity to try numerous teams at camp. Every staff member and intern will help in other camp activities.

Will I have any time off?

  • There are occasional days off between camps at Surf City. Laurelville is a faster paced weekend camp, so there is no opportunity for time off, but there is not camp on the weekend after Thanksgiving.

What if I have a scheduling conflict?

  • Depending on the timing and length of the conflict, PKF Camps will try to work around accepted staff and intern schedules. If applicants cannot commit to the whole duration of Surf City or Laurelville with us, it’s best to wait and apply the next year.

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